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Complaints Policy

Coast Cities Escrow (“the Company”) is committed to providing exceptional customer service to real estate professionals and the consumers they serve. In the rare instance that we may fall short, we will respond promptly and appropriately to consumer concerns, complaints, disputes or issues raised by the Company’s customers.

We maintain a Consumer Complaint Log to accept, assign, track, report, monitor and manage any and all consumer complaints and their final resolutions.

For us, this is not simply a compliance issue, but is also an opportunity to use any complaint as a learning opportunity to improve our knowledge, customer service and communication skills, product quality, and to create fans who become satisfied repeat customers.

Regardless of the circumstances, we are here to listen carefully and assess every situation brought to our attention with the utmost care and respect that every customer deserves.

Our complaint email address is

Within 24 hours of receipt, any complaint will be acknowledged via phone, email, or in writing by the Asst. General Manager, who will research or investigate all information necessary to analyze the situation, and follow up with consumers, keeping them informed of the status of the investigation and progress toward resolving the matter.

We welcome your positive comments as well as your concerns and complaints.